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Plants for planting, that have a stem or root collar diameter of 1 cm or more at their thickest point, of Acer spp., Aesculus hippocastanum, Alnus spp., Betula spp., Carpinus spp., Citrus spp., Cornus spp., Corylus spp., Cotoneaster spp., Crataegus spp., Fagus spp., Lagerstroemia spp., Malus spp., Melia spp., Ostrya spp., Photinia spp., Platanus spp., Populus spp., Prunus laurocerasus, Pyrus spp., Rosa spp., Salix spp., Ulmus spp. and Vaccinium corymbosum

Draft Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) establishing measures to prevent the introduction into, establishment and spread within the Union territory of Anoplophora chinensis (Forster) and repealing Decision 2012/138/EU. Language(s): English. Number of pages: 21

Update of the current EU phytosanitary measures for Anoplophora chinensis, including the import requirements, strengthened surveillance and update of the list of host plants.