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Draft Commission Regulation amending Delegated Regulation (EU) 2019/625 as regards import conditions for live snails, for composite products and for casings placed on the market for human consumption. Language(s): English . Number of pages: 5

The revision aims at adapting the Delegated Regulation (EC) No 2019/625 with regard to requirements for the entry into the Union of consignments of certain animals and goods intended for human consumption to introduce import conditions for live snails that are intended for human consumption as for processed snails. To ensure the protection of the health of European consumers there is a need to list authorised third countries exporting live snails in the European Union. An official certificate shall accompany such consignments

The amendment also adds Harmonized System codes for composite products, clarifies the categories of composite products accompanied by a certificate, and adapts the import conditions for casings with regard to the raw materials they are derived from.