ES Spanien
  • 65 - Landwirtschaft
  • 28 - Anorganische chemische Erzeugnisse; anorganische oder organische Verbindungen von Edelmetallen, radioaktiven Elementen, Seltenerdmetallen oder Isotopen
  • 29 - Organische chemische Erzeugnisse
  • 38 - Verschiedene Erzeugnisse der chemischen Industrie

HS codes: 28, 29 (excluding 29.35, 29.36, 29.37, 29.39 and 29.40) and 38.08 (excluding, and; ICS number: 65.100

Proyecto de real decreto por el que se establecen las condiciones de comercialización, control oficial y autorización de ensayos con productos fitosanitarios (Draft Royal Decree establishing the requirements for the marketing and official control of plant protection products, and for the authorization of tests involving these products) Language(s): Spanish Number of pages: 28

The notified draft Royal Decree:

(a)  Regulates the storage conditions for, trade (import and export) with third countries in, and distance selling of plant protection products;

(b)  Creates an electronic register of transactions and operations involving plant protection products;

(c)   Establishes specific provisions for the implementation in Spain of Regulation (EU) 2017/625 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 15 March 2017, relating to the performance of official controls on the marketing of plant protection products and the development of the official control programme for the marketing of these products;

(d)   Establishes the register and requirements for the authorization of bodies that conduct tests involving plant protection products.