ES Spanien
  • 15 - Tierische und pflanzliche Fette und Öle; Erzeugnisse ihrer Spaltung; zubereitete Speisefette; Wachse tierischen oder pflanzlichen Ursprungs

Olive oil and its fractions, obtained from olives solely by mechanical or physical means that do not affect the oil, "virgin", whether or not refined, not chemically modified (HS 1509); Oils and their fractions, obtained solely from olives through methods other than those mentioned in heading 1509, whether or not refined, not chemically modified, including blends of these oils or fractions with oils of heading 1509 (HS 1510)

PROYECTO DE REAL DECRETO POR EL QUE SE APRUEBA LA NORMA DE CALIDAD DEL ACEITE DE OLIVA Y DE ORUJO DE OLIVA (Draft Royal Decree approving the quality standard for olive and olive-pomace oil) (17 pages, in Spanish)

The notified text updates the existing regulations concerning the production and marketing of olive and olive-pomace oils in Spain.

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