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  • 91 - Bauwesen, Baustoffe

Mineral materials and products (ICS 91.100.15), Concrete and concrete products (ICS 91.100.30)

Ministerial Decree No. 221 /2021 (2 pages, in Arabic) mandating the Egyptian Standard ES 1109 "Aggregates for concrete" (51 page(s), in Arabic)

The Ministerial Decree No. 221 /2021gives the producers and importers a six-month transitional period to abide by the Egyptian standard ES 1109.

This standard specifies the properties of aggregates and filler aggregates obtained by processing natural, manufactured or recycled materials and mixtures of these aggregates for use in concrete.

It covers aggregates having an oven dried particle density greater than (2000 Kg/m3) for all types of concrete, including concrete conforming to the Egyptian standard issued in this regard and concrete used in roads and paving works, or in precast concrete products.  

This standard also specifies the quality control system applied in the place of production and gives an assessment of the compliance of the aggregate products with this standard.

This standard does not include the filler aggregate used as a basic component in the manufacture of some types of cement or aggregates for any uses except that it is an inert filler material for concrete.

Worth mentioning is that this standard is technically identical with modification with EN 12620/2002+A1/2008.

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