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  • 91 - Bauwesen, Baustoffe

Water supply systems (ICS 91.140.60)

The Ministerial Decree No. 221 /2021 (2 pages, in Arabic) mandating the Egyptian Standard ES 5969-2 "Water meters for cold potable water and hot water — Part 2: test methods" (54 page(s), in Arabic)

The Ministerial Decree No. 221 /2021 gives the producers and importers a six-month transitional period to abide by the Egyptian standard ES 5969-2.

This part is applicable to the type evaluation and initial verification testing of water meters for cold potable water and hot water as defined in ES 5969-1 OIML R 49‑1:2013.

OIML Certificates of Conformity can be issued for water meters under the scope of the OIML Certificate System, provided that this part of standard |OIML R 49, ES 5969-2|OIML R 49‑1:2013 and ES 5969-3|OIML R 49‑3:2013 are used in accordance with the rules of the System.

This part sets out details of the test programme, principles, equipment and procedures to be used for the type evaluation, and initial verification of a meter type.

The provisions of this part also apply to ancillary devices, if required by national regulations.

The provisions include requirements for testing the complete water meter and for testing the measurement transducer (including the flow or volume sensor) and the calculator (including the indicating device) of a water meter as separate units.

Worth mentioning is that this standard is technically identical with ISO 4064-2:2014 (confirmed in 2019).