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Heat pumps (ICS 27.080), Refrigerating technology (ICS 27.200)

Draft of Egyptian standard ES 5056-1 for "Refrigerating systems and heat pumps — Safety and environmental requirements — Part 1: Definitions, classification and selection criteria" (62 page(s), in Arabic)

This part of this draft standard specifies the requirements for the safety of persons and property, provides guidance for the protection of the environment, and establishes procedures for the operation, maintenance, and repair of refrigerating systems and the recovery of refrigerants.

This part specifies the classification and selection criteria applicable to the refrigerating systems and heat pumps. These classification and selection criteria are used in ES 5149‑2, ES 5149‑3, and ES 5149‑4.

This part applies to:

a) refrigerating systems, stationary or mobile, of all sizes including heat pumps;

b) secondary cooling or heating systems;

c) the location of the refrigerating systems;

d) replaced parts and added components after adoption of this part ES 5149-1 if they are not identical in function and in the capacity.

This part applies to fixed or mobile systems, except to vehicle air conditioning systems covered by a specific product standard, e.g. ISO 13043 and SAE J 639.

This part is applicable to new refrigerating systems, extensions or modifications of already existing systems, and for used systems, being transferred to and operated on another site. It also applies in the case of the conversion of a system to another refrigerant.

Annex A specifies the limits for the quantity of refrigerant charge permitted in systems in various locations and occupancy classes.

Annex B specifies the criteria for safety and environmental considerations of different refrigerants used in refrigeration and air conditioning.

Systems containing refrigerants which are not listed in ES 4855 are not covered in this part of standard.

Worth mentioning is that this draft standard is technically identical with ISO 5149-1:2014 (Confirmed In 2020).

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