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Incandescent lamps (ICS 29.140.20)

Draft of Egyptian standard ES 5048 for "Tungsten filament lamps for domestic and similar general lighting purposes". (99 page(s), in English)

This draft standard specifies the safety and interchangeability requirements of tungsten filament incandescent lamps for general lighting service having:

–          rated wattage up to and including 200 W;

–          rated voltage of 50 V to 250 V inclusive;

–        bulbs of the A, B, C, G, M, P, PS, PAR or R shapes*, or other bulb shapes where the lamps are intended to serve the same purpose as lamps with the foregoing bulb shapes;

–          bulbs with all kinds of finishes;

–          caps B15d, B22d, E12, E14, E17, E26**, E26d, E26/50x39, E27 or E27/51x39. 

Worth mentioning is that this draft standard is technically identical with IEC 60432‑1:1999/AMD2:2011.

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