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  • 91 - Bauwesen, Baustoffe

Water heating equipment (ICS 91.140.65)

Draft of Egyptian standard ES 5806 for "Energy Efficiency Of Household And Similar Electrical Appliances- Methods For Measuring And Calculation Energy Consumption For Electric Water Heaters". (20 page(s), in Arabic)

This draft standard applies to electric storage water-heaters with a capacity up to 150 litres for household purposes that are electrically operated with one phase supply voltage up to 250 volt.

This standard does not apply to:

-        Water-heaters using other sources of energy (e.g. solar energy, natural gas, LPG…);

-           Water-heaters with more than one heated volume;

-           Water-heaters without thermal insulation;

-           Water-heaters without storage tank (instantaneous electric water heater). 

Worth mentioning is that this draft standard has been formulated according to National studies.

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