EC Ecuador
  • 36 - Pulver und Sprengstoffe; pyrotechnische Artikel; Zündhölzer; Zündmetalllegierungen; leicht entzündliche Stoffe

Fireworks, signalling flares, rain rockets, fog signals and other pyrotechnic articles (HS 3604)

Proyecto de Primera Revisión del Reglamento Técnico Ecuatoriano PRTE INEN 229 (1R) "Artículos para fuegos artificiales" (Draft first revision (1R) of Ecuadorian Technical Regulation PRTE INEN No. 229 "Fireworks") (12 pages, in Spanish)

The notified Ecuadorian Technical Regulation establishes the requirements to be met by fireworks, prior to the marketing of domestic and imported products, with the aim of protecting human safety and preventing deceptive practices.

It applies to the following products:

·         Category F1, F2 and F3 pyrotechnic articles;

·         Category 4 pyrotechnic articles;

·         Category T1 and T2 theatrical pyrotechnic articles.

It does not apply to:

- Articles containing detonating explosives (military), except for black powder or flash composition;

- Articles with pyrotechnic compositions including any of the following substances:

a.     Arsenic or arsenic compounds;

b.    Hexachlorobenzene;

c.     Polychlorobenzenes;

d.    Mixtures with a mass fraction of chlorates exceeding 80%;

e.    Mixtures of chlorates with metals;

f.      Mixtures of chlorates with red phosphorus (except when used in Christmas crackers, party poppers or firecrackers);

g.    Mixtures of chlorates with potassium hexacyanoferrate (II);

h.    Mixtures of chlorates with sulphur (such mixtures are only permitted for friction heads);

i.      Mixtures of chlorates with sulphides;

j.      Lead or lead compounds;

k.     Mercury compounds;

l.      White phosphorous;

m.   Picrates or picric acid;

n.    Potassium chlorate with a mass content of bromates exceeding 0.15%;

o.    Sulphur with an acidity expressed as a mass fraction of sulphuric acid exceeding 0.002%; 

p.    Zirconium with particle sizes not exceeding 40 μm.