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Padlocks (HS 830110)

Proyecto de Primera Revisión del Reglamento Técnico Ecuatoriano PRTE INEN 194 (1R) "Candados" (Draft first revision (1R) of Ecuadorian Technical Regulation PRTE INEN No. 194: "Padlocks") (10 pages, in Spanish)

The notified Ecuadorian Technical Regulation establishes the requirements to be met by padlocks, prior to the marketing of domestic and imported products, with the aim of preventing deceptive practices.

It applies to the following products: Padlocks.

It does not apply to:

·         Keyless padlocks [with blocking system (code)];

·         Padlocks with a body made of plastic;

·         Electric and/or electronic padlocks;

·         Dual-function padlocks operated using both code and key; 

·         Anti-theft devices for bicycles, computers, etc.