EC Ecuador
  • 76 - Aluminium und Waren daraus
  • 83 - Verschiedene Waren aus unedlen Metallen

- Of a capacity of less than 50 l: (HS 73102); Aluminium casks, drums, cans, boxes and similar containers (including rigid or collapsible tubular containers), for any material (other than compressed or liquefied gas), of a capacity not exceeding 300 l, whether or not lined or heat-insulated, but not fitted with mechanical or thermal equipment (HS 7612); - Other (HS 830990)

Proyecto de Primera Revisión del Reglamento Técnico Ecuatoriano PRTE INEN 198 (1R) "Envases metálicos" (Draft first revision (1R) of Ecuadorian Technical Regulation PRTE INEN 198 "Metal containers") (10 pages, in Spanish)

The notified Ecuadorian Technical Regulation establishes the requirements to be met by metal containers, prior to the marketing of domestic and imported products, with the aim of protecting human health and safety, and preventing deceptive practices.

It applies to the following products:

·         Light-gauge hermetically sealable metal containers (cans) for processed food products and non-carbonated beverages, of a nominal thickness not exceeding 0.49 mm;

·         Metal containers; Collapsible tubular aluminium containers for non-alkaline pharmaceutical products and cosmetics.

It does not apply to:

.         Industrial metal containers for water- or solvent-based chemical or organic products such as paint, solvents and chemicals in general.