EC Ecuador
  • 72 - Eisen und Stahl
  • 73 - Waren aus Gusseisen, Eisen oder Stahl
  • 83 - Verschiedene Waren aus unedlen Metallen

Barbed wire of iron or steel; twisted hoop or single flat wire, barbed or not, and loosely twisted double wire, of a kind used for fencing, of iron or steel (HS 7313); Nails, tacks, drawing pins, corrugated nails, staples (other than those of heading 83.05) and similar articles, of iron or steel, whether or not with heads of other material, but excluding such articles with heads of copper (HS 7317); Not plated or coated, whether or not polished (HS 721710); Plated or coated with zinc (HS 721720); Other (HS 731419); Plated or coated with zinc (HS 731431); Plated or coated with zinc (HS 731441)

Proyecto de Tercera Revisión del Reglamento Técnico Ecuatoriano PRTE INEN 045 (3R) "Productos de alambre" (Draft third revision (3R) of Ecuadorian Standardization Institute Technical Regulation PRTE INEN No. 045 "Wire products") (13 pages, in Spanish)

The notified Technical Regulation establishes the requirements to be met by wire products, prior to the marketing of domestic and imported products, with the aim of protecting human safety and preventing misleading practices.

The notified Technical Regulation applies to the following products:

·         Low-carbon drawn steel wire for general purposes;

·         Barbed wire;

·         Galvanized steel wire;

·         Steel, aluminium and copper staples;

·         Nails;

·         Wire for mattress spring structures;

·         Tacks: (a) Low-carbon steel tacks; (b) Steel tacks for general purposes;

·         Lightweight galvanized welded wire mesh;

·         Galvanized hexagonal wire mesh. 

The notified Technical Regulation does not apply to: Drawing pins; Hooks.