DK Dänemark
  • 26 - Erze, Schlacken und Aschen
  • 71 - Echte Perlen oder Zuchtperlen, Edelsteine, Schmucksteine oder dergleichen, Edelmetalle, Edelmetallplattierungen und Waren daraus; Phantasieschmuck; Münzen
  • 81 - Andere unedle Metalle; Cermets; Waren aus diesen Stoffen

HS code Tin; HS code 2609 Tin ores and concentrates; HS code 8101 Tungsten; HS code 2611 Tungsten ores and concentrates; HS code 8103 Tantal; HS code 7108 Gold; Tin ores and concentrates (HS 2609); Tungsten ores and concentrates (HS 2611); Gold, incl. gold plated with platinum, unwrought or not further worked than semi-manufactured or in powder form (HS 7108); Tungsten "wolfram" and articles thereof, n.e.s.; tungsten waste and scrap (excl. ash and residues containing tungsten) (HS 8101); Tantalum and articles thereof, n.e.s.; tantalum waste and scrap (excl. ash and residues containing tantalum) (HS 8103)

Executive order of obligations in importing conflict minerals (2 page(s), in Danish)

The executive order contains provisions on requirements for companies when importing conflict minerals into the EU. The executive order complements Regulation (EU) 2017/821 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 17 May 2017 laying Down due diligence obligations in the supply chain for EU importers of tin, tantalum, tungsten and their ores, as well as gold originating from conflict areas and high risk area.