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  • 02 - Fleisch und geniessbare Schlachtnebenprodukte

Meat of swine, fresh, chilled or frozen. (HS code(s): 0203) Notification Number 2022/0693/D - C00A

Act on the labelling of foodstuffs with the husbandry of the animals from which the food was obtained (Animal Husbandry Labelling Act - TierHaltKennzG);; (111 page(s), in German)

The draft law regulates the introduction of labelling of fresh, unprocessed pork meat that is sold in Germany. Animal husbandry labelling is mandatory for fresh (unprocessed) pork meat that has been fully manufactured in Germany. Foreign products can voluntarily take part in labelling. In addition to the requirements of the different types of husbandry, specifications for labelling as well as notification and recording obligations of the food business are stipulated.