CZ Tschechische Republik
  • 17 - Metrologie, Messwesen, angewandte Physik

METROLOGY AND MEASUREMENT. PHYSICAL PHENOMENA (ICS code(s): 17) - voltage instrument transformers

Draft measure of a general nature

number: 0111-OOP-C089-22,laying down the metrological and technical requirements for specified measuring instruments, including test methods for verification of the following specified measuring instruments: "voltage instrument transformers"; (32 page(s), in English), (31 page(s), in Czech)

Voltage instrument transformers may be placed on the market and put into use in the Czech Republic as specified measuring instruments in accordance with Act No 505/1990 Coll. on metrology, as amended. Pursuant to the Act, specified measuring instruments are instruments that are included in the list of the types of specified measuring instruments (Decree No 345/2002 Coll.) and, at the same time, intended (by the manufacturer/importer) for measurements of relevance to the protection of public interest in areas of consumer protection, contractual relations, imposition of sanctions, fees, tariffs and taxes, health protection, environmental protection, occupational safety, or the protection of other public interests protected by special legislation. This is therefore a similar purpose as that which is used to identify specified products - measuring instruments and non-automatic weighing instruments pursuant to Directives 2014/31/EU and 2014/32/EU. The requirements of this legislation do not apply to measuring instruments not placed on the market in the Czech Republic for the above purposes, defined by Act No 505/1990 Coll. on metrology. 

The purpose of this notified legislation is to lay down metrological and technical requirements for these specified measuring instruments. This legislation also stipulates tests for type approval and verification of specified measuring instruments of this type.