CO Kolumbien
  • 33 - Etherische Öle und Resinoide; zubereitete Riechstoffe, Körperpflege- und Schönheitsmittel
  • 34 - Seifen, organische grenzflächenaktive Stoffe, zubereitete Waschmittel, zubereitete Schmiermittel, künstliche Wachse, zubereitete Wachse, Putzmittel, Kerzen und ähnliche Erzeugnisse, Modelliermassen, Dentalwachse und Zubereitungen zu zahnärztlichen Zwecken

Perfumes and toilet waters (HS 3303); Beauty or make-up preparations and preparations for the care of the skin (other than medicaments), including sunscreen or sun tan preparations; manicure or pedicure preparations (HS 3304); Preparations for use on the hair (HS 3305); Dentifrices (HS 330610); Other (HS 330690); Pre-shave, shaving or after-shave preparations (HS 330710); Personal deodorants and antiperspirants (HS 330720); Perfumed bath salts and other bath preparations (HS 330730); Other (HS 330790); For toilet use (including medicated products) (HS 340111); Soap in other forms (HS 340120); Organic surface-active products and preparations for washing the skin, in the form of liquid or cream and put up for retail sale, whether or not containing soap (HS 340130)

Proyecto de Reglamento Técnico Andino sobre Buenas Prácticas de Manufactura (BPM) en Productos Cosméticos (Draft Andean Technical Regulation on Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for Cosmetic Products) (21 pages, in Spanish)

The draft includes the following: purpose, scope and definitions; GMP requirements (personnel; facilities, production and quality control), administrative and conformity assessment procedures, control and oversight, supplementary provisions and Annex 1 (products covered).