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  • 43 - Kraftfahrzeugtechnik
  • 87 - Automobile, Traktoren, Motorräder, Fahrräder und andere Landfahrzeuge; Teile und Zubehör dazu

City and trekking, young adult, mountain and racing bicycles; (HS: 8712 ); (ICS: 43.150)

National Standard of the P.R.C., Safety Requirements for Bicycles — Part 2:Requirements for City and Trekking, Young Adult, Mountain and Racing Bicycles (38 page(s), in Chinese)

This standard specifies safety and performance requirements for the design, assembly and testing of bicycles and sub-assemblies. It lays down technical guidelines for manufacturers to compile instructions for the use and maintenance of bicycles.

This standard applies to young adult bicycles whose maximum height of saddle is 635 mm or more and less than 750 mm. city and trekking bicycles, mountain and racing bicycles whose maximum height of saddle is 635 mm or more, including folding bicycles and renting bicycles. This standard adopts ISO 4210-2:2015 with modifications.