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Ingredients authorized for use in the production of foodstuffs or supplements for animals

Modifica Resolución Exenta No. 6.612/2018, que establece nómina de ingredientes autorizados para la producción de alimentos o suplementos para animales (Amendment to Exempt Resolution No. 6.612/2018 establishing the list of ingredients authorized for use in the production of foodstuffs or supplements for animals) Language(s): Spanish. Number of pages: 3

The notified draft measure amends SAG Resolution No. 6.612/2018 of 2022 as follows:

It incorporates ingredients into two groups, along with their guarantees

Group (A): Cereals, and products and by-products thereof:


- Wheat bran

Group (I): Food-producing animals, and products and by-products thereof:


Animal by-products (Whole or parts of warm-blooded land animals, fresh, frozen, cooked, acid treated or dried)

It also incorporates new Articles (9, 10, 11 and 12), meaning that the current Article 9 becomes Article 13.

These new Articles address aspects specify that:

·         A process monograph must be submitted for the authorized ingredients on the list or such ingredients must be approved by SAG, with the exception of those ingredients of mineral or plant origin that are not mixed with other additives or ingredients, subject to authorization by SAG.

·         For the purposes of the notified Resolution, authorized ingredients are considered to be those approved by Regulation (EU) 2017/1017 and the amendments thereto and those listed in chapter 6 of the Association of American Feed Control Officials for use in cat and dog feed. Any other ingredient not included in the Regulation or the above-mentioned list must be assessed by SAG in order to be approved.

·         Ingredients of animal origin intended for human consumption may be used in animal feed when they are proven to have no effect on the health of the target animals and are safe. In such cases, the ingredients must comply with the specific health requirements established for human consumption in the relevant legislation. In order for such ingredients to be used in the preparation of cat and dog feed, and on the basis of the hazard analysis undertaken by each manufacturer, the preparation process for the product may be considered as a method of mitigating microbiological risks. Further details of the draft measure can be found in the document attached to this notification.