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Fresh, chilled and frozen poultry meat and edible offal

Fija exigencias sanitarias para la internación a Chile de carne de aves de corral fresca, enfriada o congelada y despojos comestibles, y deroga Resolución Exenta n° 3.817 de 2006 (Establishment of sanitary requirements for the importation into Chile of fresh, chilled and frozen poultry meat and edible offal, and repeal of Exempt Resolution No. 3.817 of 2006) Language(s): Spanish Number of pages: 4

The draft measure lays down sanitary requirements, including requirements concerning the country or area of origin, flock of origin, animals, meat and edible offal, packaging and transport and the corresponding health certification.

The requirements include:

1.     Edible offal is included in this draft, the scope of the measure is identified and product definitions provided;

2.     The country or area of origin must be declared free of avian influenza and Newcastle disease, as established by the OIE, and must be approved by Chile;

3.     The country or area of origin must have a permanent surveillance programme for avian influenza and Newcastle disease, in accordance with the requirements established by the OIE, that is approved by SAG;

4.     The flock of origin of the poultry from which the consignment of meat and edible offal originates must be incorporated into a sanitary and production programme. It must also have an official Salmonella control and reduction programme that is approved and supervised by the official Service;

5.     The poultry must have hatched or been imported as day-old chicks and been reared and slaughtered in the country or exporting area free of avian influenza and Newcastle disease. Furthermore, they cannot have been vaccinated against avian influenza with live vaccines, and must have been slaughtered, processed and stored in an establishment that is approved by SAG, and inspected pre- and post-mortem under the permanent monitoring of an official veterinarian;

6.     The meat and edible offal must be covered by an official health certificate, issued by the competent health authority of the country of origin, in the language of the country of origin and in Spanish.