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Ornamental plants for planting

Modifica Resolución Exenta Nº 7.214 de 2014 y establece medidas de manejo del riesgo para prevenir el ingreso de Opogona Sacchari en platas para plantar de especies hospedantes (Amendment to Exempt Resolution No. 7.214 of 2014 and establishment of risk management measures to prevent the entry of Opogona sacchari in host species plants for planting) Language(s): Spanish Number of pages: 4

Due to the need to periodically update phytosanitary import requirements for regulated items on the basis of new information available, especially on geographical distribution, hosts and pathways of entry of a given pest:

-         The ornamental host species of Opogona sacchari have been updated and phytosanitary requirements have been established for this pest on the following plants for planting: Aloe arborescens, Areca spp., Bismarckia nobilis, Phoenix spp. and Washingtonia spp.;

-         Due to the internal feeding habit of Opogona sacchari, which makes it difficult to detect at the point of entry, and the significant economic impact that its introduction, spread and establishment can have on the domestic production of the species it affects, the ornamental material must be monitored and analysed in containment under post-entry quarantine.

For further details, see the attached document and the Resolution indicated in section 9 of this notification.