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Fresh bananas (Musa spp.)

Proyecto de Resolución que establece requisitos fitosanitarios para la importación a Chile de frutos frescos de plátano (Musa spp.) procedentes de todo origen, modifica Resolución N° 3.920 de 1998 y deroga Resolución N° 505 de 2010 (Draft Resolution establishing phytosanitary requirements governing the importation into Chile of fresh bananas (Musa spp.) of any origin, amendment of Resolution No. 3.920 of 1998 and repeal of Resolution No. 505 of 2010) Language(s): Spanish Number of pages: 5

The draft Resolution addresses the following points:

1.    The notified draft establishes requirements governing the importation into Chile of fresh bananas (Musa spp.) for consumption, produced in various origins.

2.    The bananas must come from production and packing facilities registered by the exporting country's national plant protection organization (NPPO), and identified with unique codes.

3.    Requirements for an official phytosanitary certificate issued by the phytosanitary authority of the country of origin, declaring that:

The consignment has been inspected and is free from Diaspis bousduvalli, Dysmicoccus brevipes, Dysmicoccus neobrevipes, Ferrisia virgata, Maconellicoccus hirsutus, Nipaecoccus nipae, Pseudococcus comstocki, Pseudococcus elisae, Pseudococcus jackbeardsleyi, Lissachatina fulica and Succinea spp.

-    Inspection requirements, indicating that they have found to be free from Opogona sacchari, as detailed in the document

-    Other requirements for Bactrocera musae and for other Bactrocera spp.

-    Specific identification information or codes for place of production, packing facility and seal from the exporting country's NPPO.

4.   Procedure for the recognition of areas free from Bactrocera spp. by SAG.

5.   Information on the need for a visit from SAG before the start of the first export season to Chile.

6.    Information on records of places of production and packing facilities to be provided to SAG by the exporting NPPO.

7.    Requirements for labelling or marking on packaging.

8.    Packaging requirements for possible phytosanitary fumigation treatments at destination.

9.    Consignments must be free of soil, leaves, flowers and plant remains.

10.  Requirements for wood packaging and pallets.

11.  Requirements for containers or means of transport using official seals from the exporting country's NPPO and conditions for loading them with the product.

12.  Information on inspection upon arrival in the country by SAG officials and the possibility of splitting open the fruit to verify the absence of Opogona sacchari.

13.  Actions in the event of detection of any stage of development, live or dead, of Bactrocera spp. during inspections by SAG of the consignment. In addition, actions in the event of detection of a live quarantine insect, listed in Resolution No. 3080 and its amendments or absent and that is a potentially live quarantine insect, not covered by this Resolution.

14.       Information about the inspections and supervision that can be carried out by SAG on the programme for exporting fresh bananas (Musa spp.) to Chile and how such inspections and supervisions are carried out.