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Fresh, chilled and frozen poultry meat and edible offal.

Proyecto de resolución que fija exigencias sanitarias para la internación a Chile de carne de aves de corral fresca enfriada o congelada y despojos comestibles, y deroga Resolución Exenta No. 3.817 de 2006 (Draft Resolution establishing sanitary requirements for the importation into Chile of fresh, chilled and frozen poultry meat and edible offal, and repealing Exempt Resolution No. 3.817 of 2006) Language(s): Spanish Number of pages: 4

The notified draft Resolution establishes the following sanitary requirements for the importation into Chile of fresh, chilled and frozen poultry meat and edible offal from industrially farmed birds other than ratites.

The key aspects of the text include the following:

1.    The following definitions shall apply:

(a)  Poultry meat: the muscular part of the species of bird referred to in this Resolution, comprising all the soft tissue surrounding the skeletal structure, including skin, fat cover, tendons, vessels, nerves, aponeuroses and any tissue that has not been removed during the slaughter and dressing process. Marinated and pickled meats are included, as are any other product that does not mitigate risk;

(b)  Edible offal: heads and feet of slaughtered birds;

2.    The country's health status regarding avian influenza and Newcastle disease, and its ongoing surveillance programme for these diseases;

3.    Requirements to be met by the flock from which the birds providing the meat and edible offal for the consignment originate.

4.    Requirements for birds in terms of their provenance, the way they are raised, vaccination specifications, the place where they are slaughtered, processed and stored, and ante-mortem and post-mortem inspections;

5.    Storage temperature requirements for meat and offal;

6.    Requirements regarding packaging and the information that is displayed on packaging to ensure traceability;

7.    Regarding transport, the text establishes requirements to ensure that compartments remained sealed, the product is kept isolated, and the temperature and health and hygiene conditions maintained;

8.    An animal health certificate previously issued by the exporting country is required;

9.    Checks and inspections are to be determined on good grounds by the Service upon the arrival of the meat products and edible offal.

Further details can be found in the document attached to this notification.