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Prepared dishes containing ingredients of animal origin

Health requirements for the importation into Chile of prepared dishes containing ingredients of animal origin. Language(s): Spanish. Number of pages: 3

Specific sanitary requirements have been established to ensure that any consignment of prepared dishes imported into the national territory has the respective sanitary certification, showing compliance with the requirements established in the Resolution attached to this notification, which must be issued by the competent health authority of the country of origin, in the official language of the country of consignment and in Spanish.

Key requirements include the following:

“Prepared dish” shall mean any culinary preparation containing bovine, ovine, swine or poultry meat ingredients, their mixtures and processed versions thereof, which after heat treatment are ready for human consumption. The present Resolution does not apply to prepared dishes that have been canned, sterilized and subjected to UHT; these are regulated by a specific Resolution on canned foods.

The sanitary certification must indicate the product identification, the volume and temperature at which the product was processed, and also the date of manufacture and the expiry date. It must also indicate: the name, official number and address of the processing establishment; the name and address of the recipient; identification of the means of transport; and the seal and container number, if applicable.

Further details can be found in the document attached to this notification.