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Dried fruit (raisins) of Vitis vinifera

Establece requisitos de importación para frutos desecados (pasas) de vitis vinifera, con escobajo y pedicelo, procedentes de los orígenes que indica (Import requirements for dried fruit (raisins) of Vitis vinifera, with stalks and pedicels, from certain places of origin) Language(s): Spanish Number of pages: 3

The notified document establishes the following import requirements:

1.    Consignments must include an official phytosanitary certificate issued by the phytosanitary authority of the relevant country of origin, containing the following additional declarations:

-         Origin - Peru: The consignment is free from Ferrisia malvastra, Ferrisia virgata and Nipaecoccus nipae.

-         Origin - Argentina: The consignment is free from Ferrisia malvastra, Ferrisia virgata Nipaecoccus nipae, Planococccus ficus and Lobesia botrana.

2.    Consignments must be free of soil.

3.    Fruit must be free of leaves, flowers and plant remains.

4.    Consignments must be shipped in new, unused packaging that is labelled or marked in accordance with existing regulations.

5.    Consignments must be stored, transported, duly protected and bear an official seal in order to retain their phytosanitary certification.

6.    Each consignment will be inspected by the Service, at the point of entry, in order to ensure physical and documentary compliance with phytosanitary requirements for imports.

7.    Wood used for packaging, pallets and dunnage must comply with the "Guidelines for regulating wood packaging material in international trade" (International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures (ISPM) No. 15).

8.    The detection of a live quarantine pest that is not covered by this Resolution will constitute grounds for the refusal or re-export of the consignment, unless the application of a measure is technically and operationally feasible.