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Agricultural pesticides

Prohíbe la fabricación, importación, exportación, distribución, venta, tenencia y uso de plaguicidas que indica; y ordena actualizar listados sistematizados de plaguicidas Prohibidos con sustancias activas y con productos formulados; y modifica resoluciones que indica (Prohibiting the manufacture, import, export, distribution, sale, possession and use of the pesticides indicated; ordering the updating of systematized lists of prohibited pesticides with active substances and formulated products; and amending the resolutions indicated) (6 pages, in Spanish)

The notified measure is intended to prohibit pesticide active substances listed in Annex III of the Rotterdam Convention owing to their undesirable effects on human, animal and environmental health and, in addition, an active substance listed in Annex A to the Stockholm Convention.

None of the pesticides that are prohibited are sold in existing products and none have ever been authorized for use in Chilean agriculture.

Through this measure, the Agriculture and Livestock Service (SAG) prohibits the manufacture, import, distribution, sale, possession and application of the following pesticides: binapacryl, captafol, chlorobenzilate, ethylene dichloride, DNOC and its salts, dinoseb and its salts and esters, fluoroacetamide, phorate, phosphamidon, HCH, monocrotophos, ethylene oxide, trichlorfon and dicofol. It also prohibits the manufacture, import, distribution, sale, possession and application of dry powder (DP) formulations with ≥ 7% of benomyl, ≥ 10% of carbofuran and ≥ 15% in thiram.

The proposed measure draws up two systematized lists of prohibited pesticides, one list of active substances, which may be in any formulation, and another list of formulated products whose formulations are hazardous, even if their active substances are not prohibited, taking account of the original administrative acts.

The creation of this list facilitates coordination between the SAG, the National Customs Service, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of the Environment, the National Fisheries Service, the National Customs Directorate and the Directorate-General of the Maritime Territory and Merchant Marine, and provides systematized information for enterprises holding pesticides authorizations, as well as non-governmental organizations, universities and think tanks, and generally for any persons interested in the area of pesticides for agricultural use.