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Dried fruit (raisins) of Vitis vinifera

Establece requisitos de importación para frutos desecados (pasas) de vitis vinifera, sin escobajo ni pedicelo, procedentes de todo origen (Establishment of import requirements for dried fruit (raisins) of Vitis vinifera, without stalks or pedicels, of any origin) Language(s): Spanish Number of pages: 3

1.      Dried fruit shall be understood to mean fruit from which most of the moisture has been extracted through natural drying processes (e.g. products dried in the sun).

2.      The notified Resolution establishes phytosanitary requirements for the importation into Chile of dried fruit (raisins) of Vitis vinifera, without stalks or pedicels, of any origin.

3.      Shipments must include an official phytosanitary certificate issued by the phytosanitary authority of the country of origin, declaring that:

-         The shipment is free from Corcyra cephalonica.

-         The shipment has been treated against Trogoderma granarium (for countries in which the pest is present) using a methyl bromide fumigant.

The methyl bromide treatment against Trogoderma granarium recommended by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is T302-c-3 for grains and seeds for propagation.

For countries in which Trogoderma granarium is present, the dose, temperature and exposure time must be indicated.

4.      The fruit must be free of leaves, soil and plant remains.

5.      The shipment must be sent in new, unused packaging that is labelled or marked in accordance with current regulations.

6.      The shipment must be stored, transported, duly protected and bear an official seal in order to retain its phytosanitary certification.

7.      Each shipment shall be inspected by the Service, at the point of entry, in order to ensure that the physical and documentation import requirements have been met.

8.      Wood used for packaging, pallets and dunnage must comply with the "Guidelines for regulating wood packaging material in international trade" (International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures (ISPM) No. 15).

9.      The detection of a live quarantine pest that is not covered by this Resolution shall constitute grounds for the refusal or re-export of the shipment, unless the application of a measure is technically and operationally feasible. Should any other situations of non-compliance with this Resolution be detected at the point of entry into Chile, the national plant protection organization of the country of origin shall be informed with a view to rectifying the situation. Repeated detection of irregularities shall constitute grounds for the refusal and suspension of imports of dried fruit of Vitis vinifera, without stalks or pedicels, from the country of origin and re-assessment of the phytosanitary requirements.

10.     Vitis spp. shall be removed from Resolution No. 3691 of 2002.