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Timber for structural use

Norma Chilena NCh1217:2017 Pino radiata, Pino oregón, Pino ponderosa - Clasificación visual para uso estructural - Especificaciones de los grados de calidad (Chilean Standard (NCh) No. 1217:2017: Radiata pine, Oregon pine, ponderosa pine - Visual grading for structural use - Quality grade specifications)

The notified Standard establishes the requirements to be met by dry pieces (moisture content not exceeding 19%) of sawn or planed timber of radiata pine, Oregon pine or ponderosa pine that are intended for structural use and graded visually. The dimensional tolerances must meet the specifications set out in Chilean Standard (NCh) No. 2824. 

The Standard defines three grades: GS, G1 and G2. GS: Normally used as a heavy-duty structural element. G1: Particularly suitable for beams, flooring and roof trusses. G2: Particularly suitable for structural wall partitions. The acceptable mechanical properties associated with these mechanical grades are set out in Chilean Standard (NCh) No. 1198.

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