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Proyecto de Protocolo de Análisis y/o Ensayos de Seguridad de Producto Eléctrico PE Nº6/08:2022 Cortadoras de césped (Draft safety analysis and/or test protocol for electrical products PE No. 6/08:2022: Lawnmowers)

The notified Protocol establishes the safety certification procedure for electric pedestrian-controlled walk-behind cylinder and rotary lawnmowers, designed mainly for household use or similar purposes, with a single-phase electric motor with a voltage not exceeding 250 V, equipped with metallic cutting means and/or non-metallic cutting means and/or non-metallic cutting means with one or more cutting elements pivotally mounted on a generally circular drive unit, where these cutting elements rely on centrifugal force to achieve cutting, and have a kinetic energy for each single cutting element of greater than 10 J.