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LPG regulators for mains gas distribution

Proyecto de Protocolo de Análisis y/o Ensayos de Reguladores para GLP para distribución de gas de red (Draft analysis and/or test protocol for LPG regulators for mains gas distribution)

The notified draft protocol establishes the certification procedure for "LPG regulators for mains gas distribution", in accordance with the scope and field of application of standard UL 144:2012 and the existing legal provisions on the subject (DS 280 of 2009).

It does not apply to:

• Regulators for connecting outdoor cooking gas appliances;

• Regulators for connecting recreational vehicles;

• Regulators connected by an integral hose assembly at the regulator outlet;

• Compressed gas regulators;

• Gas appliance pressure regulators:

o Regulators with or without pressure gauge for connecting cylinders with automatic valves (PC 1; PC 79:2021, or the provision replacing them)

o Automatic change-over devices for connecting cylinders with manual valves (PC 80:2021, or the provision replacing it)

• Regulators for use in chemical, petroleum, or utility power plants; pipeline or marine terminals; or related storage facilities at such plants;

• Combination gas control valves for gas appliances;

• Regulators for use in oxygen-fuel, gas-welding, and cutting operations; and • Regulators for use in engine fuel (automotive and/or marine) applications.