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Small ruminants

Fija las exigencias sanitarias para la internación a Chile de pequeños rumiantes con destino a matadero y deroga resolución n° 1.446 de 1992 (Health requirements for the importation into Chile of small ruminants for slaughter and repeal of Resolution No. 1.446 of 1992) Language(s): Spanish Number of pages: 2

The following is a general outline of the health requirements for importing small ruminants into Chile for slaughter:

-         The country or zone that the animals come from must be officially declared by the OIE to be free from rinderpest and foot-and-mouth disease without vaccination. The country or zone must also be declared free from the other diseases indicated in point 1.1 of the notified document, and this health status must be recognized by Chile.

-         If the animals come from a country or zone that is not free from scrapie, the records indicated in point 1.2 must be provided.

The subsequent points address requirements relating to:

o    The animals' establishments of origin;

o    The place where the animals were born and reared;

o    Quarantine conditions;

o    Transport conditions;

o    The absence of clinical signs of infectious or contagious diseases that can affect the species and of evidence of ectoparasites during the 48 hours prior to shipment;

o    The animals must be covered by an official health certificate meeting the conditions set out in point 1.9;

o    Additional requirements in the event of entry into zones or regions free from certain diseases.

Lastly, the steps taken upon arrival in the country are indicated:

-         After being authorized to enter the country, the animals will be transported directly to the slaughterhouse in sealed means of transport.

-         If any transmissible disease is detected, the Agriculture and Livestock Service may order the animals to be returned or slaughtered, as applicable; 

-         If the Agriculture and Livestock Service deems it necessary, the animals will be subjected to diagnostic testing upon arrival at the slaughterhouse.