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Fija exigencias sanitarias para el retorno a Chile de equinos que salen temporalmente y deroga Resolución N° 5534 de 2007 (Health requirements governing the return to Chile of horses that have left the country temporarily, and repeal of Resolution No. 5534 of 2007) Language(s): Spanish Number of pages: 2

-         The notified text establishes health requirements for horses that are returning to Chile after leaving the country temporarily, for no longer than 60 days, to participate in competitions or other events. It does not apply to horses that have left the country for breeding purposes. If the horses have been away from Chile for longer than 60 days, they must comply with the requirements established for horses entering definitively or under the dual hemisphere shuttle system.

-         The country or area where the horses were temporarily kept must be declared officially free of African horse sickness by the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE).

-         The enclosure where the animals were kept must be free of:

o    Equine Infectious Anaemia, equine encephalomyelitis (Eastern and Western) and Venezuelan equine encephalomyelitis for 90 days prior to shipment;

o    Glanders for six months prior to shipment;

o    Rabies for 12 months prior to shipment.

-         Horses must have been kept in an approved enclosure and been under official monitoring during their stay in the country, and had no direct contact with horses outside the competition or been used for breeding activities.

-         Animals must be clinically healthy at the time of shipment back to Chile.

-         The transportation of animals to the place of shipment must be officially monitored under the conditions established by this Resolution.

-         Any treatments for and/or vaccinations against infectious and contagious diseases notifiable to the IOE that were administered during the event must be recorded in the health certificate and include all relevant information.

-         Animals must bear an official health certificate, issued by the competent health authority in the host country at the time of shipment. The certificate, which must be issued in Spanish and in the official language of the host country, must attest to compliance with the health requirements established in this Resolution. 

-         Animals must be identified by a microchip that complies with ISO Standard No. 11784 and can be read using a reader compatible with ISO Standard No. 11785.