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Electric grass trimmers

Proyecto de Protocolo de Análisis y/o Ensayos de Seguridad de Orilladoras (Draft safety analysis and/or test protocol for grass trimmers)

The notified protocol establishes the safety certification procedure for electric grass trimmers designed mainly for household use or similar purposes, used by a standing operator for cutting grass, with single-phase electric motors, and a rated voltage of not more than 250 V for a.c. or 50 V d.c., in accordance with the scope and field of application of International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) Standard No. 62841-4-4:2014.

It does not apply to:

- Scissor type or lawn trimmers and lawn edge trimmers with cutting means other than those described above

- Self-propelled lawn trimmers or lawn edge trimmers

- Lawn trimmers or lawn edge trimmers which do not have a distance of at least 600 mm between the cutting means control and the cutting head - Trimmers fitted with batteries that have to be removed for charging. However, for trimmers with integrated batteries, Annex B applies.