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Medical devices to detect Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)

Decreto Exento N° 41 del Ministerio de Salud, de fecha 08 de junio de 2022: Incorpora al régimen de control sanitario establecido en el artículo 111 del Código Sanitario, a los dispositivos para detección de VIH que indica (Ministry of Health Exempt Decree No. 41 of 8 June 2022 adding the indicated devices for HIV detection to the health control system established in Article 111 of the Health Code) (3 pages, in Spanish)

Ministry of Health Exempt Decree No. 41 of 2022 provides for the inclusion of the indicated devices for HIV detection in the health control system in Chile, which is governed by the provisions of Ministry of Health Supreme Decree No. 825 of 1998 approving the regulations on the control of products and goods for medical use. The health control involves various activities aimed at verifying that the devices meet certain technical specifications, which are listed in the notified Decree, in order to ensure their quality and guarantee that they function properly.