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Food for export that does not meet the standards established in the Food Health Regulations

Modificación del artículo 97 del Reglamento Sanitario de los Alimentos, Decreto Supremo n° 977/96 del Ministerio de Salud de Chile (Amendment to Article 97 of the Food Health Regulations, Supreme Decree No. 977/96 of the Ministry of Health of Chile)

The text below will be added to the original text of Article 97 ("Food for export that does not meet the standards established in these regulations shall have the designation 'Z' printed prominently and indelibly on its packaging. Such food may not be marketed in Chile"):

"As set forth in the Codex Alimentarius Code of Ethics (CAC/RCP 20-1979, as updated), no food (including re-exported food) should be in international trade which:

a)    has in or upon it any hazard in an amount which renders it dangerous, harmful or otherwise injurious to health, taking into account the application of risk analysis principles; or

b)    is adulterated in such a way that it is rendered unfit for human consumption; or

c)    is adulterated; or

d)    is labelled or presented in a manner that is false, misleading or deceptive; or

e)    is prepared, processed, packaged, stored, transported or marketed under unsanitary conditions; or has an expiration date or shelf life, where applicable, which does not leave sufficient time for distribution in the importing country".