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Domestic wood-burning stoves

NCh 3446:2020 Cocinas domésticas que utilizan leña - Requisitos y métodos de ensayo (Chilean Standard (NCh) No. 3446:2020, Domestic wood-burning stoves - Requirements and test methods) (52 pages, in Spanish)

The notified Standard specifies the requirements relating to the design, manufacture, assembly, safety, performance, power, combustion gases, instructions and marking of domestic wood-burning stoves. It also establishes the test methods for domestic wood-burning stoves. The notified Standard is applicable to manually fired domestic stoves of up to 25 kW, which are used primarily for cooking, with their secondary function being to heat the space in which they are installed. This Standard is not applicable to appliances that are fed by hoppers or fired mechanically, or to appliances that have fan-assisted combustion air.

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