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  • 67 - Lebensmitteltechnologie

Food fortification with vitamin D

Amendment to Supreme Decree No. 977/96, Ministry of Health, Food Health Regulations, Section VIII Milk and milk products, Article 203, Section XV Farinaceous foods, Paragraph II Flours, Article 350, Section XXVII Non-alcoholic beverages, fruit and vegetable juices and packaged waters, Paragraph I Non-alcoholic beverages, Article 481bis (3 pages, in Spanish)

The aim of the present amendment is to implement a public health programme to rectify the situation identified through the National Health Survey 2017, which revealed that a large part of the Chilean population has a vitamin D deficiency. There are many reasons for this deficiency, mainly related to low levels of exposure to sunshine and low dietary intake of vitamin D, a high level of sedentariness among the Chilean population, the latitude of the country, and the high degree of obesity among the population, resulting in lower vitamin D levels in the blood. This highlights the urgent need to implement a public health programme to rectify the situation.