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Single core or multicore electrical conductors for low-voltage use, types RZ1 and RZ1-K

PE Nº 2/17:2021 Protocolo de Análisis y/o Ensayo de Seguridad de Producto Eléctrico (PE No. 2/17:2021 Safety analysis and/or test protocol for electrical products) (11 pages, in Spanish)

The notified protocol establishes the safety certification procedure for single core or multicore electrical conductors which are non-armoured and non-shielded, non-flame and non-fire propagating, with low toxic gas emissions, low smoke density and low combustion gas acidity, made of annealed copper, bare or metal-coated, solid (class 1), stranded (class 2), flexible (class 5), cross-linked polyethylene-insulated (XLPE), with a sheath of type ST8 thermoplastic material, halogen-free, with a service temperature to 90ºC and a rated voltage (Uo/U) of 0.6/1kV, in accordance with the scope and field of application of International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) Standard No. 60502-1:2009, designations RZ1 K and RZ1-K, respectively.