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Kettles and other appliances for heating liquids.

Protocolo PE Nº1/12:2021 Hervidores y otros aparatos de calentamiento de líquidos (Protocol PE No. 1/12:2021 Kettles and other appliances for heating liquids) (15 pages, in Spanish)

The notified protocol establishes the safety certification procedure for appliances used to heat liquids, for household and similar purposes, with a rated voltage not exceeding 250 V.

The protocol applies to products such as:

1.    Coffee makers

2.    Coffee machines

3.    Saucepans

4.    Bottle warmers

5.    Milk heaters

6.    Appliances for heating livestock feed

7.    Sterilizers

8.    Egg boilers

9.    Laundry boilers

10.  Jugs with a nominal capacity of up to 10 litres (electric kettles)

11.  Tea urns with a nominal capacity of up to 10 litres

12.   Pressure cookers with a nominal cooking pressure not exceeding 140 kPa and a nominal capacity not exceeding 10 litres

13.   Cooking pots (rice cookers, slow cookers)

14.   Yoghurt makers

15.   Bain-marie glue heaters

It does not apply to:

1.    Frying pans and fryers (IEC 60335-2-13)

2.    Storage water heaters (IEC 60335-2-21)

3.    Instantaneous water heaters (IEC 60335-2-35)

4.    Surface-cleaning appliances employing liquids or steam (IEC 60335-2-54)

5.    Portable immersion heaters (IEC 60335-2-74)

6.    Commercial dispensing appliances and vending machines (IEC 60335-2-75)

7.    Medical equipment (IEC 60601)

8.    Appliances intended exclusively for industrial purposes

9.    Appliances for use in locations where special conditions prevail, such as where the atmosphere is corrosive or explosive (dust, vapour or gas)

10.  High-frequency heating apparatus

11.  Pressure sterilizers

12.  Humidifiers for household and similar use (IEC 60335-2-98)