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Steel-reinforced polyethylene (PE) pipes for pressurized fluids

NCh 3430:2020 "Sistemas de tuberías de PE reforzado con acero para fluidos a presión - Accesorios" (Chilean Standard (NCh) No. 3430:2020 "Steel-reinforced PE pipe systems for pressurized fluids - Fittings") (36 pages, in Spanish)

The notified Standard establishes the requirements and test methods for PE fittings reinforced with perforated steel plates for the conveyance of pressurized fluids.

The Standard applies to the moulding by continuous extrusion of polyethylene and steel plates for the reinforcement structure. It applies to fittings for the conveyance of pressurized hot and cold water at temperatures from 0°C to 80 °C, as well as to fittings for transporting pressurized fluids for industrial use, such as oil and mining, at temperatures not exceeding 70°C.

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