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Steel-reinforced polyethylene (PE) pipes for pressurized fluids

NCh 3429:2020 "Sistemas de Tuberías de PE reforzado con acero para fluidos a presión - Tuberías" (Chilean Standard (NCh) No. 3429:2020 "Steel-reinforced PE pipe systems for pressurized fluids - Pipes") (21 pages, in Spanish)

The notified Standard establishes the requirements and test methods for PE pipes reinforced with electro-welded steel mesh for the conveyance of pressurized fluids.

The Standard applies to the polyethylene matrix and the electro-welded steel wire mesh for reinforcement.

It applies to pipes for the conveyance of pressurized hot and cold water at temperatures from 0°C to 80°C, as well as to pipes for transporting pressurized fluids for industrial use, such as oil and mining, at temperatures not exceeding 70°C.

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