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Electric vehicles

Propuesta de Modificación del Decreto N° 145, de 2017, del Ministerio de Transportes y Telecomunicaciones, Subsecretaría de Transportes (Draft amendment to Decree No. 145 of 2017 of the Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications, Under-Secretariat for Transport) (3 pages, in Spanish)

It has been deemed necessary to amend Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications Decree No. 145 of 2017 establishing the technical, structural and safety requirements for certain electric vehicles, in order to:

1.    Incorporate the charging coupler system manufactured in conformity with the GBT standard for DC charging (China) and IEC 62196 communication protocol or an equivalent.

2.    Establish requirements governing the specification and certification of off-board chargers.

3.    Lay down the requirements on the information to be provided in vehicles and the availability of safety information for the high-voltage circuit.