CL Chile
  • 04 - Milch und Molkereiprodukte; Vogeleier; natürlicher Honig; geniessbare Waren tierischen Ursprungs, anderweit weder genannt noch inbegriffen

Milk and dairy products

Proyecto de Ley que Establece Normas sobre Comercialización y Etiquetado de la Leche (Draft Law establishing rules on the marketing and labelling of milk) (7 pages, in Spanish)

The draft legislation seeks to amend the Health Code contained in Decree-Law No. 725 of 1967 of the Ministry of Health, as amended, by adding new Articles 105 bis, 105 ter, 105 quater, 105 quinquies, 105 sexies, 105 septies, 105 octies, 105 nonies and 105 decies.