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Wood and wood products

Amendment of the FOEN Ordinance on phytosanitary measures for forests; SR 916.202.2. Language(s): French. Number of pages: 5

This notification concerns the amendment of an existing ordinance (VpM-BAFU SR 916.202.2) which specifies the provisions of the Ordinance on the Protection of Plants against Particularly Dangerous Harmful Organisms (Plant Health Ordinance, PGesV, SR 916.20, which was notified under G/SPS/N/CHE/83). The purpose of the amendment is to maintain the harmonization with the European plant health legislation in accordance with the bilateral agreement on trade in agricultural products (agricultural agreement) between Switzerland and the European Union.

The main changes are as follows:

-        Adapted temporary measures against the introduction of Anoplophora chinensis;

-       Adjustment of tariff numbers due to the revised nomenclature of the Harmonized System (HS).