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  • 55 - Verpackung, Transport
  • 65 - Landwirtschaft

HS Code(s) 2017: 06, 07, 08 and 44; ICS Code(s): 55 and 65

Amendment of the Ordinance of the EAER and the DETEC on the Plant Health Ordinance (PGesV-WBF-UVEK, SR 916.201)

This notification concerns the amendment of the annexes of an existing ordinance (PGesV-WBF-UVEK, SR 916.201), notified under G/SPS/N/CHE/86, which specifies the provisions of the Ordinance on the Protection of Plants against Particularly Dangerous Harmful Organisms (Plant Health Ordinance, PGesV, SR 916.20, notified under G/SPS/N/CHE/83), to maintain the harmonization with the European plant health legislation in accordance with the bilateral agreement on trade in agricultural products (agricultural agreement) between Switzerland and the European Union.

The main changes are the amendment of the list of quarantine pests (two species were added) and regulated non-quarantine pests (three species were added), amendments to the specific conditions for the importation of certain host plants and commodities, amendments to the nomenclature of certain pests and host plants, the listing of the United Kingdom as a third country due to its withdrawal from the European Union and the amendment of a few tariff numbers due to the revised nomenclature of the Harmonized System (HS). These changes have already been implemented in the European Union.