CH Schweiz
  • 06 - Lebende Pflanzen und Waren des Blumenhandels
  • 07 - Gemüse, Pflanzen, Wurzeln und Knollen
  • 08 - Geniessbare Früchte; Schalen von Zitrusfrüchten oder von Melonen
  • 44 - Holz, Holzkohle und Holzwaren

Plants, plant products and all matter liable to harbour or spread particularly dangerous pests, including soil and growing medium. Numerous positions under chapters 6 (Live trees and other plants), 7 (Edible vegetables and certain roots and tubers), 8 (Edible fruit and nuts; peel of citrus fruits or melons) and 44 (Wood and articles of wood)

Amendment of the Ordinance on the Protection of Plants against Particularly Dangerous Harmful Organisms (Plant Health Ordinance, PGesV, SR 916.20). Language(s): French. Number of pages: 8

Maintaining harmonisation with the European plant health legislation in accordance with the bilateral agreement on trade in agricultural products (agricultural agreement) between Switzerland and the European Union is the main reason for this revision. The amendments are mostly formal and linguistic in nature and do not directly affect trade in plants and plant products.