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Phytosanitary products

Amendment of Annexes 1 and 10 to the Ordinance on phytosanitary products (OPPh)

The Ordinance on phytosanitary products (RS 916.161, OPPh) was notified in document G/SPS/N/CHE/82 of 19 December 2019. The OPPh establishes conditions for the placing on the market of phytosanitary products. Annex 1 to the OPPh contains a list of active substances that may be used as phytosanitary products in Switzerland. A new substance is included in this Annex if, once the application accompanying the request has been examined, it meets the conditions established in Article 5. Articles 9 and 10 of the OPPh provide for the possibility of re-assessing whether a substance still meets the conditions for inclusion. The substances subject to such an assessment are included in Annex 10. The active substance epoxiconazole is newly included in Annex 10.