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  • 47 - Schiffbau, Meerestechnik
  • 89 - Wasserfahrzeuge

Construction and equipment of large vessels (ICS Code 47.020; 47.040); (HS Code 8900; 8901)

Vessel Construction and Equipment Regulations, (97 pages, available in English & French)

Transport Canada is proposing to update and consolidate requirements for the construction and equipment of new vessels 24 metres or more in length (excluding fishing vessels and pleasure craft as these vessels are governed by separate sets of regulations under the Canada Shipping Act, 2001 (CSA 2001)) into the new Vessel Construction and Equipment Regulations (the proposed Regulations). The proposed Regulations would also consolidate crew accommodation construction requirements for Canadian vessels that are required to be registered under Part 2 of the CSA 2001. The proposed Regulations would simplify the regulatory framework, while ensuring Canadian requirements for these vessels are clear and consistent with international requirements, modern standards, and industry best practices.