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  • 11 - Medizintechnik

Veterinary drugs; (ICS: 11.220)

Consultation Proposal to amend List A (List of certain antimicrobial active pharmaceutical ingredients) - Proposed List A 2022 (2 pages, available in English and French)

Health Canada intends to amend List A which names certain antimicrobial active pharmaceutical ingredients that are important in human medicine. Ingredients on List A are subject to measures to help limit the development of resistance to these medically important antimicrobials and these measures are part of Health Canada's commitment to protect public health and food safety.

At Health Canada's Veterinary Drugs Directorate (VDD), we make changes to List A as required, including when:

·         Health Canada approves a new antimicrobial that meets the categorization criteria

·         there is new information about an antimicrobial available on the international market

·         there is new information about an antimicrobial already on the list

Since publication of List A in 2017, newer antimicrobial agents that are important to human medicine have become available. Health Canada has conducted a literature-based examination of antimicrobial drugs against a set of established criteria available on the Health Canada's website and identified additional antimicrobial agents to be considered for inclusion or reclassification on List A.