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  • 67 - Lebensmitteltechnologie

All prepackaged products sold in Canada; Food products in general (ICS 67.040)

Notice of Proposal to Update the Incorporated by Reference Document entitled Nutrition Labelling – Table of Reference Amounts for Food (available in English and French)

Health Canada's Food Directorate is proposing amendments to the Table of Reference Amounts for Food (TRA) based on new consumption data and market trends, and to address identified gaps in certain food categories. The TRA sets out the amount of food typically consumed in one eating occasion for different food categories. They are used to determine what is considered to be a single-serving pre-packaged product and they serve as the basis for determining the serving size to be declared in the Nutrition Facts table of multiple-serving pre-packaged products. The TRA is considered when making nutrient content claims and health claims and provide detailed instructions on how to determine and declare the serving size for each food.

The proposed amendments add: new reference amount categories; product examples to existing food categories; instructions for the declaration of serving size for additional food formats; and instructions for the declaration of serving size for foods that require further preparation.

The proposed changes provide clearer guidance on several food categories, and address gaps identified after the 2016 nutrition labelling amendments to the Food and Drug Regulations were finalised, regarding implementation of the reference amounts and the declaration of the serving of stated size.